Cory Hill & Megan Mardiney

“With Wet Whistle Wines, we are building a store that serves the community. Our vision for Wet Whistle Wines is to be your personal cellar of wines and spirits. We stock our shelves with wines that you’ll like to drink and that I would recommend to my family and friends.  Wines that are perfect in a variety of situations — an everyday bottle to drink while cooking dinner or to have with that dinner, wines for a snowy day stew, special wines to take to parties, and some nicer wines as gifts for friends and special occasions. And there will be wines for holding on to, that will improve over the years as they age.”

Long time Brooklynites, Cory Hill and Megan Mardiney, partners in life and in spirit, are so excited to be part of the Red Hook community with the opening of Wet Whistle Wines. After three decades in the hospitality business — head bartender at Eleven Madison, NYC rep for VOS Selections and behind the bar at the Waterfront Ale House — Cory is excited to welcome everyone to Wet Whistle Wines where he and Megan will showcase wines that tell a story and always taste good, really, really good. No matter what — Wet Whistle Wines is the place for the every man and every woman, with bottles that are easy on the palate and on the wallet.

About Megan and Cory
Cory Hill has more than three decades experience in the hospitality business. He has spent the past 9 years in wine & spirits sales, working with wine stores and restaurants in and around the five boroughs. Cory’s wine expertise is driven by taste, and he is expert in uncovering unknown gems.

Megan brings to Wet Whistle Wines her three decades of experience in design and marketing to create and lead the shop’s special events, as well as all business marketing, advertising and communications. Previously they were the owners of Grace Restaurant in TriBeCa.

While Cory and Megan have worked in every borough of New York City, they are grounded in Brooklyn, where they have lived since the 1980’s, with their two kids, cats and dog Raven.

They are thrilled to welcome Red Hook and the surrounding Brooklyn community to Wet Whistle Wines!