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Welcome to Wet Whistle Wine & Spirits. We are located at 357 Van Brunt Street (btw Dikeman and Wolcott), in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. We carry a thoughtfully curated selection of wine, spirits and accessories. Stop by and say hello!

Scrumpy Ewe Cider

Twenty years ago I met Etienne Dupont from Brasserie Dupont in Normandy. I asked why New York, with a rich tradition of Apple Orchards and the best apples in the country, doesn’t have an equivalent industry in hard cider and apple brandy. He responded that they don’t use “good apples” to make Calvados!

Ryan at Scrumpy Ewe Ciders has planted in his orchards lots of English bitter tart, bitter sweet and tart apples to make an amazing family of ciders. We are happy to feature him and his ciders at Wet Whistle.

A bite about their process: “We make some of our ciders akin to a fine wine, in laboratory-like controlled settings. A juice that is bright, clean, complex, tannic and acidic, pitched with a champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks at specific temperatures, lightly filtered and bottle conditioned. We do so to showcase the true essence of each varietal we work with with minimal intervention to the fruit and process. On the other hand, we also make ciders in the age-old farmhouse tradition – where wild yeasts work in tandem with brettanomyces stains. In these ciders, nature does most of the work as its slow ferments in our French and American white oak barrels. These unfiltered scrumpy ciders appeal to the farmhouse crowd who doesn’t mind getting their taste buds a bit dirty!

Our ciders come from unique, individually-picked, New York State grown apples. Never from concentrate. Each batch is pressed, fermented, painstakingly-blended, aged and bottled with care. We make them once a year, and batch-to-batch have their own unique characteristics based on our growth season, the cider varieties we blend and style of fermentation we utilize”.

CH Marx
CH Marx
21:03 25 Apr 18
Wet Whistle Wines is a great neighborhood wine store and Cory, the owner, is like a Mensa-level wine expert and can suggest the most interesting wines.
Ralph Yedinak
Ralph Yedinak
14:15 18 Apr 18
Heat wine selection, reasonably priced, and great service.
Thom Roemischer
Thom Roemischer
14:56 05 Apr 18
Great neighborhood wine shop which its the customer service and selection that sets them apart. I highly recommend Wet Whistle Wiines!
Rafael Zuniga- Rodriguez
Rafael Zuniga- Rodriguez
02:43 31 Mar 18
Lovely place in my neighborhood, great customer service, wonderful wines and a huge heart!
Aaron Fox
Aaron Fox
02:49 01 Mar 18
Great spot with a lot of heart.
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